Building Value.

MGL Partners is a Denver-based multifamily development company. Our principals’ 50+ years of combined experience has earned us the expertise needed to generate attractive financial returns while managing the risks inherent in the development and redevelopment processes.

We have entitled, developed and acquired over $300 million (cost basis) of multifamily rental, senior housing and affordable housing throughout Colorado and other select markets. Our projects encompass multiple types of construction, including garden/wood frame, wood frame over structured parking and concrete mid-rise (both new construction and gut renovation).

Building Community.

Neighborhoods throughout Colorado and beyond trust MGL Partners to bring high-quality, high-impact projects to urban infill sites, remote locations and other difficult-to-develop areas.

Because we are committed to building lasting value, our principals are actively involved in every aspect of the development and investment process — identifying underserved market niches, managing complex and often-competing neighborhood interests and ensuring each project delivers unsurpassed quality — building communities that are highly desirable to residents, neighbors and municipalities alike.

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